Always giving alms in the way of Allah is a great means of getting His forgiveness and Paradise and it is also a special feature of a God-fearing person:
) وسارعوا إلى مغفرة من ربكم وجنة عرضها ٱلسموت وٱلأرض أعدت للمتقين 133 ٱلذين ينفقون في ٱلسرآء وٱلضرآء وٱلكظمين ٱلغيظ وٱلعافين عن ٱلناس وٱلله يحب ٱلمحسنين 134 ([ال 
عمران: 133, 134]

“Hurry to the forgiveness of your Lord and to Paradise. Whose expanse resembles the heavens and the earth. Which is made for theGod-fearing. Those who give alms in the way of Allah in times of affluence and in times of affliction, restrain anger and forgive people. And Allah loves the doers of good. ” [Surah Ale Imran, verses: 133-134]

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

) إن ٱلمتقين في جنت وعيون 15 ءاخذين مآ ءاتىهم ربهم إنهم كانوا قبل ذلك محسنين 16 كانوا قليلا من ٱليل ما يهجعون 17 وبٱلأسحار هم يستغفرون 18 وفي أمولهم حق للسآئل وٱلمحروم 19 ([الذاريات: 15, 19]

“On that day the pious will be in a spring with springs. They will enjoy what their Lord will give them. Because they were already righteous in the heart of the world. They slept less at night and prayed to Allah for forgiveness on the last night. They have the rights of beggars and the deprived. ” [Surah Az-Zariyat, verses: 15-19]